Transform your Long URLs into nice-looking and memorable Short URLs. You can create unlimited Short URLs for FREE! By signing up, you can also access many other features like custom urls, password protection & link expiry.

You can add, change, remove or see password for any of your links from dashboard anytime! Users would be required to enter the password before they could continue to the link.

By creating an account, you can create Custom URLs with any keyword you want! You get 25 FREE Custom URLs on signup. For more info, click here.

Setup links to expire after certain clicks or time. Expiry can be set, changed or removed using dashboard anytime! After expiry, you can enable the link whenever you want.

All data is transferred through a secure SSL channel that protects against MitM attacks that can be launched from compromised or insecure networks.

You can enable or disable any of your short urls from dashboard anytime! Expired links can also be enabled.

Get detailed statistics about your users' countries, devices and even their browsers! You can check stats for a custom time period too.

QR Codes are automatically generated when you create a Short URL! You can view or download the QR Code in high quality with a single click. You can also view/download QR Codes of any link from your dashboard.

We don't show any advertisements on any of our pages for both Free & Paid Users! We try our best to provide quality experience to all of our users.